A few months ago our dear friend reached out to us wanting to do a custom piece. She had a lot of diamond jewelry she had outgrown and wanted to repurpose her stones and put them into something she would actually wear (our favorite kind of project tbh). She wanted a pinky ring and she wanted it to be blinged out. When I spoke to her during the brainstorming stage of the project, she told me she had recently lost her beloved Chinese crested rescue dog, Zelda. I asked her if Zelda was named after the princess in the Legend of Zelda video game (I only knew this because my boyfriend was feverishly playing it when we first started dating), and she said yes. I took that information and ran straight to the drawing board, and after months of unsetting and resetting diamonds and melting down gold, The Zelda was born. This custom signet ring designed around Link’s famous shield in the game went to its new home yesterday. This was the hardest secret to keep and I have a notoriously big mouth so I’m pretty proud I didn’t ruin the Christmas surprise. Since she had an array of different sized diamonds in her jewelry and we wanted to utilize as much as we could, we set them into “cobblestone”-ish pattern on the face of the shield. One of my favorite parts about this ring is that the largest diamond in the shield came from her fathers old signet ring. Giving new life to already owned diamonds is something we have fallen in love with, and we hope 2021 brings us more meaningful projects like this one. Side note, I fully blame this client for my newfound video game addiction. YOU KNOW I had to play the game because research is important, and this game consumed my life for 2 months and I have 0 regrets about it.