Our Materials


Vice Versa jewels are fabricated with natural F/G color SI1 quality diamonds. We believe in using gorgeous, high quality, white natural diamonds because we know our client’s will appreciate the difference for years to come. All of our natural diamonds are certified by the Kimberley process and come from trusted sources who have been mining diamonds for generations. We take ethical sourcing very seriously and trace diamonds to mine whenever possible. 


Precious Metal

We are passionate about 14 karat gold. We love the durability and strength of it, the gorgeous buttery yellow color and the way it ages over time. While all of our pieces can be custom made in 18k or platinum, if you live and breathe a specific metal, 14 karat is our go-to. 


Artisan Jewelers

How something is made is just as important to us as what it is made of. Our reserves of 14 karat gold and white diamonds would be nothing without the incredible artisans who assemble our pieces. Our team of jewelers have been with us from the very beginning, helping us dive deeper into the multi-generational craft of jewelry making and allowing us to push boundaries with inventive design. Their meticulous craftsmanship can be seen in every tiny detail of our pieces.